Photos Are Fun

My daughter is taking a college photography course and she's gotten ME interested too. I have some background in image editing, using PaintShop Pro, and she's learning Photoshop.
So between the two of us we're learning and having a wonderful time doing it. So I'll post here some of the pics I've taken and hopefully this will be an ongoing fun thing to do.


  1. Read your comment on having one page at the top as home page. Interesting tip. How do you remove the date from the post? What setting is there for it. Will it remove all dates from the blog?

  2. It's not a page, it's a single post.
    Open to the post that you want to remain at the top.
    Down in the left-hand corner in small blue type, click on "Post Options."
    This opens up the area where the date can be changed.
    Change the date to 25, for example, and that post will remain at the top until 2025.
    This won't affect any other post, just this one.