Jet Planes

These photos aren't very clear, but that's because they were taken looking up 30,000 feet, between five and six miles up. I was so surprised that my camera was able to catch the detail it did, because to the naked eye I could not see the plane at all, only the contrails. I mean, even to being able to see the writing under the plane??? And to find that it's an "Emirates" plane. Who'da thought? 
"Emirates." I'm guessing that means the plane is from the United Arab Emirates. 
My first thought was "over Maine???" But then I remembered that yes, planes from the east do fly over Maine. I spent several years in the Middle East, and each summer I came home on vacation. And I SO remember that after that longggggggg flight, finally we'd see land. But that land was Newfoundland, and then we'd fly down over Maine on our way to New York. Sometimes I'd ask the stewardess, "I live right down there, any way we could stop and let me off? That would be so much better than having to land in New York and then turn around and travel to Maine." She didn't think that was such a good idea. Oh well!

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