Ice Storm

We went out on the morning of the ice storm and got some rare-type pictures. In spite of the hardship it caused many, still it was a beautiful sight to see.

Experiments With Light

We went out late in the day to see what we could capture with the sun not so high in the sky. Interesting displays of light.

Jet Planes

These photos aren't very clear, but that's because they were taken looking up 30,000 feet, between five and six miles up. I was so surprised that my camera was able to catch the detail it did, because to the naked eye I could not see the plane at all, only the contrails. I mean, even to being able to see the writing under the plane??? And to find that it's an "Emirates" plane. Who'da thought? 
"Emirates." I'm guessing that means the plane is from the United Arab Emirates. 
My first thought was "over Maine???" But then I remembered that yes, planes from the east do fly over Maine. I spent several years in the Middle East, and each summer I came home on vacation. And I SO remember that after that longggggggg flight, finally we'd see land. But that land was Newfoundland, and then we'd fly down over Maine on our way to New York. Sometimes I'd ask the stewardess, "I live right down there, any way we could stop and let me off? That would be so much better than having to land in New York and then turn around and travel to Maine." She didn't think that was such a good idea. Oh well!

First Robin of Spring

Went out hoping to see the first robin of spring. And there he was. 
This little guy looked so comfy up there in the pine tree.

New Life

Absolutely my favorite time of year! New life budding up after a long, cold, gray winter.

More Spring Photos At Flickr

At The Governor's

Well, we went out for lunch and I decided I was going to be REAL good. 
So I had a:

BUT ...scroll down:

Here's what I had for desert: 

It's February and this is the first real snow of this winter

We've had an unusually mild winter this year. Only this week did we have enough snow to venture out for photos. We've had snow twice this week, and I hear more is coming later in the week. They say if you don't like the weather in Maine, just wait a bit. How true!

These were taken near Colby College

For more picture from this shoot:

Ducks in Wintertime

We were on our way back from a winter-photo shoot
and suddenly heard what sounded like ducks quacking.
We went to investigate and sure enough, this is what we stumbled upon: 

Back again

Wow, it's been a LONGGGGG time since I've given this blog the TLC it needs.Ok, well I'm back, raring to go! 

Photos Are Fun

My daughter is taking a college photography course and she's gotten ME interested too. I have some background in image editing, using PaintShop Pro, and she's learning Photoshop.
So between the two of us we're learning and having a wonderful time doing it. So I'll post here some of the pics I've taken and hopefully this will be an ongoing fun thing to do.
I happened to get up early, before dawn, and I noticed a light lighting up a tree outside my window. I loved the effect on the boughs, so I grabbed my camera and shot this photo from behind my window.

More photos from this shoot:

Autumn Views

My daughter and I went out leaf peeping yesterday. Got some nice pics. It was a real fun day, we went to an apple orchard and I have apples simmering on the stove right now, can't wait to see how they turn out.


Our first tries with popovers. We sat there and watched them rise. The wait sure was worth it!
Popovers are my absolute favorite in the whole world. 
I remember as a kid my mother would send me to the store with my doll carriage to get some bread. Now you have to remember (those who are old enough) that back in those days, bread was real bread, not this cotton-candy-type poor-excuse-for-bread that you get in the stores today. We had a bakery in town which supplied our grocery store, and one of my favorite memories is walking home with a loaf of bread in my doll carriage, my nose to the bread all the way home. 
I guess that's why I like popovers so much, they smell so much like REAL bread. I smear some REAL butter on them too, and you could convince me I'd died and went to heaven!

Ingredients should all be at room temperature
3 X-Lg eggs, remove one yolk
1 cup milk, room temperature
1 Tbsp Canola Oil, or any oil you like
1 cup bread flour
If you want to make 12 popovers, double the batch.
***BUT - add one cup of flour and stir well,
      and THEN add the second cup of flour. 
While assembling ingredients have your oven heating to 450
Wisk batter till there are no large lumps
Spray popover pan with Pam spray
Fill popover cups a bit more than 1/2 way
Put into oven, leave at 450 for 25 minutes

Here's where it gets tricky because ovens vary

I check them at 25 minutes and if they're all puffed, I turn the oven off and leave them another 20 minutes. But keep checking them. I've really had to experiment.

When you take them out, spear them with a knife to let the steam out of the inside.

I actually put them back in the oven for a few more minutes after spearing them, to minimize the moisture inside.
More food photos and recipes HERE.

Elm Street

There are 50 apartments in this building. I love it here, the people are very friendly and -- SO important to me -- all maintenance is taken care of, I don't have to think about mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. What a blessing! 
Would you believe there were 4 telephone wires going across the building above? I was able to remove them in PaintShop Pro. You'd never know there were thick cables all across this picture would you?